Movie Review: Puriyaatha Puthir


OVERVIEW: Kathir (Vijay Sethupathi), an aspiring music director, also takes care of his friend’s musical store and Meera (Gayathrie), who is a part time music teacher, comes to the store to buy a musical instrument. The first interaction between them happens very smooth, and from thereon, they start to talk regularly, and finally, they fall in love. However, after they get committed, Kathir receives an unnecessary MMS from a mysterious stranger, concerning himself and Meera. What is that message and where do these messages lead the couple to?

REVIEW: The film features Vijay Sethupathi as an owner of musical instrument shop and Gayathri as a music teacher. This common factor brings them together for many occasions and they fall in love eventually. With a serene life and dreams encircling the couple, mystery starts hitting when Vijay Sethupathi’s close friend commits suicide after his personal video having intimate affair is leaked. In not less than few days after this mishap, Vijay Sethupathi receives a video clipping of Gayathri from a textile trial room. This sends him into abyss of unbearable shock and he starts hunting down the miscreants behind this mysterious deeds.

Firstly, Puriyaatha Puthir doesn’t move you to edge-of-seats throughout the show, but in few places. The first 30 minutes completely comprises of slow paced sequences involving Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathri. Just when the mystery starts veiling up the drama, there are some interesting moments, but then the songs act as an unwanted source of distraction. Moreover, by the second half with the introduction of Ramesh Thilak, we get to see there could be twists, but to our disappointment that doesn’t happen.

A younger Vijay Sethupathi shows glimpses of his future self, emoting beautifully in any given scene, but saddled with a badly etched character he is unable to rise above the script like he usually does. Gayathree with the girl next door look is a perfect fit for the role of Meera and she has brought in the vulnerability that is required throughout the story convincingly. Arjunan as one of Vijay Sethupathi’s friend has nothing much to do while Ramesh Tilak is wasted in a deceptive character that has no justification.

The director has tried to tell a relevant message through ‘Puriyatha Puthir’ which is really a burning issue even now. The film has no vulgarity and most of the scenes are filled with pleasant backgrounds and shot without giving any stress to the eyes. The suspense element is also maintained till the end, which sort of gets one going through the otherwise drab film.

Dinesh Krishnan’s cinematography is neat and unhurried and Bhavan Sreekumar for his part has given clean cuts with whatever footage he has been given. Rebel Studio and JSK Film Corporation have gone through a lot of trouble in bringing this film to the screens. One thing Ranjit Jayakodi could have in his defense is the production hassles the film went through that might have hampered his creative execution and so we can only wish him better luck next time.

Final Verdict of the film is This movie is going to get good bucks for the makers for sure. I am sure that you all are going to love the movie because of the good direction and story plot.