Trump tweets that U.S. might end trade with countries doing business with North Korea

Vastavam web:President Trump and his national security advisors planned to meet Sunday to discuss options after North Korea's weekend test of what it claimed was a hydrogen bomb.
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a morning statement that the president was monitoring the situation closely. Trump later suggested in a tweet that he would consider blocking trade with countries doing business with Pyongyang  — a threat principally aimed at China, which is North Korea's chief trading partner. North Korea has for decades posed a danger to its neighbors Japan and South Korea — in the event of a military conflict, its conventional weapons could kill thousands in Tokyo and Seoul. Yet it has been diplomatically  and economically close to China since the 1950s. China accounts for 90% of North Korea’s trade volume; its leaders fear that instability in Pyongyang could precipitate a refugee crisis along the two countries’ shared border.