Movie Review: Vellipomake


OVERVIEW: Animation Engineer Chandu (Vishwaksen) is an introvert by nature and succumbs to depression after watching his friends have their own lovers and longs to have a girl friend like his friends. Despite his attempts, he fails to get one and this leaves him depressed and leaves him in an inferiority complex.But, to his delight, he finds the love of his life in the form of Swetha (Nityasree Reddy), a Facebook friend. While his friends warn him to be careful, Chandu didn’t give much of importance to their words. To everyone’s surprise love blossoms, Chandu turns extremely possessive towards Swetha.When everything seems going smooth, Chandu gets the biggest shock of his life, after Swetha leaves him and goes out of reach. Did Swetha ditch Chandu or there’s another reason for her avoiding Chandu is the rest of the story.

REVIEW: The main concept of the film is good and director Ali Mohammad has dealt a delicate point well to an extent. Debutant Vishwak Sen is decent in his role and gives a good performance as an introvert. Heroine Swetha is okay on the looks front, but gives a decent performance in her limited screen time.

Though the concept of the film is good, the narrative runs on a single point which may not appeal to a larger section of audience. The entire first half only deals with hero’s introduction and it keeps on projecting his introvert character. The actual story begins only in the second half. However, lack of depth in the emotions ends up offering an experience of watching a short film. The conclusion of the film lacks clarity and looks abrupt.

There is nothing much to say about the technical team. Prashant R Vihari’s music did not make any impact. There are very few songs and most of them do not register in the minds of the listeners. BGM is ok and is according to the situation. Cinematography is average.Editing left lot to be desired as there are many drags in the film. Director Yakub Ali should have added few more twists and turns to make it more interesting. Production values are good.

Final Verdict of the film is Vellipomakey is a film that is made with content that’s suitable for short films. Though the concept of the film is good, pale narration and the abrupt ending may not appeal to the audience.