Movie Review: Paisa Vasool

RATING: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: Theda Singh (Balakrishna) works with police to eliminate a big Don. He is also simultaneously saving Harika from goons because she is inquiring about her missing sister Sarika (Shriya). Why is Theda Singh protecting her and is there any connection between Theda Singh and Sarika? Who is Theda Singh? The answer to all these questions is basically what the film is all about.

REVIEW: Nandamuri Balakrishna has effortlessly slipped into Puri’s style with the role of Theda Singh. While he gets to mouth a lot of punch dialogues as Theda Singh, his voice trembles a lot and it pretty hard to miss. The dialogues are not as powerful as they sounded in Balayya’s other movies due to this and one cannot help wondering if age is catching up with him.

Puri Jagannadh has been making crazy movies lately with a very fresh or outrageous concept as the basic plot. But most of those films didn’t involve a top hero. When it comes to top stars, he makes the usual commercial potboiler, and Paisa Vasool is no different in that story aspect. The difference is made by bringing Balakrishna into the mix.All the female leads have limited roles. Shriya Saran shares nice chemistry with Balakrishna and their pair is good to watch. Musskan can’t act and Kyra Dutt lacks native appeal. Vikramjith character is poorly written. Ali’s comedy doesn’t click. Prudhvi tries his best to make an impact but in vain. Kabir Bedi is wasted.

Anup Ruben’s music is good. Mama Ek Peg La and Paisa Vasool title track are superb. The background score is also nice. The cinematography by Mukesh is very effective. But the screenplay is not up to the mark and is not interesting. Editing by Junaid Siddiqui is alright. Production values are rich. Visually the film is super rich. Action sequences are superbly choreographed. The dialogues are whistle worthy.

Newcomer Muskaan Sethi has a good figure but lacks acting skills. And Kyra Dutt who plays a police officer’s role does an item song.Senior Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi is neat. Vikramjeet as baddie makes an impression. Ali and Prudhvi get to play typical Puri’s comic roles but their comedy doesn’t generate laughs.The action scenes are stylish and they are full of dialogues in between fights. Production values are quite rich for this kind of masala movie.

Final Verdict of the film is “Paisa Vasool” regales with mass moments here and there but it soon drifts into regular style of Puri’s recent movies that are loud and too predictable.