Padma Lakshmi slammed Trump calling him a “menace to the society”

Vastavam web: TV host and author Padma Lakshmi today slammed American president Donal Trump calling him a “menace to the society” who was “defiling the seat he holds”.”I think he is a menace to our society, I apologise but I actually tried everything I could to stop him from soiling this most sacred seat in our country.”I really find him to be a plague on the very basic human decency that America was based on. I don’t think he has any ideology except the ideology of Donald Trump and that’s a very dangerous thing,” Padma Lakshmi, who had campaigned for Hillary Clinton for the presidential elections against Trump, said.”I have known Donald Trump personally. I don’t know him well but I have known him for a very long time. He lives in New York and we were often at the same parties and etcetera. I never took him that seriously.
“Earlier I thought Donald Trump was tacky, showy and nouveau rich and he was like many men with a little power trying to get as many chicks as you could with it,” she said.Earlier in the day, Padma Lakshmi had attended a session titled “Woman Up”, where she along with journalist-author Barkha Dutt, Amrita Tripathi, archaeologist Kuenga Wangmo talked about women issues in their respective professions.”I am a brown woman working in a white men’s world. And in fact, when I first started, they used to say what would a model know about food. But, now I work with big international chefs on my show. But it is true that you have to earn your place at the table.