Pakistani global drug-trafficking network has been arrested in London

Vastavam web: A Pakistani national known as “the Sultan” in the global drug-trafficking network has been arrested in a major joint UK-US operation in London, authorities have announced.Muhammad Asif Hafeez, who was arrested in London’s Regent’s Park area, faces extradition to the US.The National Crime Agency (NCA) in London said it worked with the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to investigate Hafeez after he was allegedly identified as the source of large quantities of heroin being smuggled into Kenya from Pakistan and Afghanistan.
In New York, officials said Hafeez was arrested based on his participation in drug-trafficking activities involving large, and in some instances multi-tonne, quantities of heroin, methamphetamine, and methamphetamine precursor chemicals.”The arrest of Muhammad Asif Hafeez is another win in the fight against global criminals and one of DEA’s priority targets,” said DEA Special Operations Division Special Agent- in-Charge Raymond Donovan.”He has been allegedly linked to a transnational criminal organisation responsible for manufacturing and distributing ton quantities of narcotics. Removing criminals like Hafeez benefits not just the citizens of London, but communities worldwide,” he said.
Prosecutors said Hafeez and some co-conspirators tried to establish a methamphetamine-production facility in Mozambique as part of the conspiracy to import methamphetamine into the US, but were forced to abandon the plan after authorities seized about 18 tonnes of ephedrine from a factory in Solapur, Maharashtra.He appeared at Westminster magistrates court yesterday for the start of extradition proceedings to the US, it said.