Arjun Reddy

RATING: 2.75/3
OVERVIEW: Arjun Reddy (Vijay Sai Devarakonda) is a brilliant house surgeon with a passion for his medical profession. He is a rebel and has his own way of dealing with things. He has anger issues and is hot tempered. He falls in love with a fresher Preethi (Shalini Pandey), who is a 4 years younger to him. They are deep in love. But father of Preethi rejects their love. An event separates them. Rest of the story is all about how he gets into a self-destructive mode.
REVIEW: As the director said in many of his interviews, Arjun Reddy is surely a celebration of sadness. The breakup story of the hero is showcased in such a dark manner that it has never been touched in Telugu films before. In other words, you can say that the film is the story of a modern Devdas which is shown in a contemporary manner.
Vijay Devarakonda stuns you with his performance which is surely award winning. The way he brings the pathos and pain in his character is something else and drives the film completely. His dialogue delivery, the aggression he shows and the emotional manner in which he showcases his love is superb. With this film, his star status will surely go to the next level.
Shalini is perfect as a vulnerable and submissive girl who is head over heels in love with hero. She is perfect for that character. Rahul Ramakrishna who plays a loyal friend of Arjun Reddy is outstanding with his comedy timing and has an impeccable dialogue delivery. He entertains you thoroughly in the midst of a serious film such as Arjun Reddy. He is a great find of this film. Kamal Kamaraju play the role of responsible elder brother. Gopinath Bhat suit the role of strict father of heroine. Sanjay Swaroop is good as hero’s father. Yesteryears heroine Kanchana plays progressive grandmother of hero and she is a delight to watch. Jia Sharma plays herself and she is natural. Priyadarshi plays a cameo of a legal expect and contributes his bit. All the actors are natural and authentic.
Sandeep Reddy Vanga breaks the norms and takes a raw approach towards filmmaking. He keeps the basics right and let the camera and music do the talking. The director should have immense confidence in oneself to deal with such a story. Arjun Reddy has a very thin plot, but the director’s way of narration and the realistic feel makes it a special film. He is a talent to watch out for.
Dialogue is too natural and extremely impressive. Cinematographer’s splendid work is its major asset. Background music reminds us of legendary works from Ilayaraja and Rahman. Songs are passable though. The film is made on a low budget, but it is technically slick. Editing is not up to the mark in second half. It needs a lot of trimming.
Final verdict of the film is Except from Hero Vijay’s acting and few love making scenes theres nothing much WOW feeling in any part of the film. Audiences who come for a youthful college story might end up disappointed in the second half. Go watch Arjun Reddy if you’re a die-hard Vijay Devarakonda fan.