OVERVIEW: Ajith Kumar (AK) is an agent working for a counter terrorism agency. The agency is in Serbia. He is wanted by 80 countries and many agencies as he is suspected to have gone rogue, misusing his power.His former friends in the agency headed by Aryan (Vivek Oberoi) are now hunting for him. In turn, Ajith Kumar is after people who betrayed him when he was on a mission to track Natasha (Akshara).How AK finds his betrayers and also saves his wife Hasini (Kajal) is the rest of the story.

REVIEW: This is a spy thriller story with an elevated gambit. But there is a problem in creating connect with the audience. The protagonist and villain use a lot of technical jargon in their communication. This may not match with the intelligence level of the general audience. Vivekam movie is made on par with the international standards of film making. The director and the actor wanted to show a James Bond from South India on the screen and were successful to an extent. There is no point in trying to find logics in an action entertainer.

Vivekam only works because of Ajith hard work and dedication. He single handedly rallies the film on his shoulders and is top class in every way. Ajith hard work shows in every scene and it will be a treat for his Tamil fans as he has been showcased in a superb way. There are so many thigh slapping moments for fans and Ajith does not disappoint in this department.

Vivek Oberoi looks stylish and plays his role quite convincingly. Kajal looks gorgeous in traditional attire but she does not have much to do. The action episodes in the film are top class and have been executed quite well. Production values are superb as the film looks by international standards in many areas.

Akshara Hassan chase scene, Hero  Villains Mind games and Ajith introduction sequences are shown excellently. In terms of making and technical values, the movie is exceptional. After fighting at international standards throughout the movie the climax is typical south Indian mass style and funny Performances The movie is entirely one man show and runs entirely on Ajith shoulders. Kajal as lead doesn play the role of typical heroine who is used for songs and romance. The director ensured to use her role effectively with the story. Vivek Oberoi was shown in a different style but the director should have used an actor who doesn have controversies. Akshara Hassan role is small but crucial to the story.

Vivekam has stood up just because of technical values. You would feel as if you are watching a Hollywood film. Action scenes were planned top class. Action and mass audience will enjoy the feast. Vetri cinematography has given life to this film. You will feel the freshness in overseas locations.Anirudh could have further fine tuned his music. Story runs at a very great pace. Thanks to the perfect editing. Dialogues of Rajesn are impressive.

Director Shiva has been successful in getting a good movie output. He crafted the scenes in between hero and villain have been mind blowing and leave us amazed. He wrote climax scenes with much care and was able to display on the screen too, Bust at times you may feel lost in the high range logical scenes. Scenes doesn stay for more time and keep changing very fast leading audience to a bit of confusion.

Final verdict of the film is Overall Vivekam is an out and out Ajith film. His dialogues, stunts and star power will be liked his fans immensely. Vivekam is largely targeted at Ajith fans, and it lacks logic. All spy films  are used to be loaded with  action, special effects, and car chase sequences. Ajith has proved that he can perform action stunts in a terrific manner. Well, he is a feast for the eyes if one is a hardcore fan.