Donald Trump arrived in Arizona hoping to re-energise core supporters

Vastavam web: President Donald Trump arrived in Arizona hoping to re-energise core supporters cooling to his crisis-riddled presidency and build momentum for a controversial border wall.Trump began the trip in Yuma by touring a US Border Patrol operations base, where he chatted with border agents.The rally — which typically features a stem-winding Trump speech will be the first of its kind since he sparked outrage by equivocating in his condemnation of a deadly neo- Nazi march in Charlottesville, Virginia.

But the White House hopes this trip to Arizona can get the Trump train back on track.His visit aims to tout the benefits of a border fence, turn up the heat on reluctant allies and demonstrate the president’s determination to realise a central campaign pledge.Despite rumours, Trump looks set to shy away from issuing a pardon for Joe Arpaio a former sheriff in Arizona who was convicted of willfully violating a court order to stop targeting Hispanics in immigration roundups.”There will be no discussion of that today at any point and no action will be taken on that front at any point today,” said White House press secretary Sarah Sanders.Around 5,000 people lined up under a blistering sun in Phoenix hours before Trump’s arrival, many wearing the stars and stripes, hoping to get into the conference center where he was due to speak at 7 pm (local time).

A demonstrator in an “Obama 2008” campaign t-shirt shouted, “Trump hates” while the president’s fans replied by chanting, “Build that wall.” Dale Clinton, 64, a Hawaiian visiting friends, said he had been waiting five hours to glimpse Trump.”I believe the media is against him, the Democrats are against him, some members of his own party are against him, so I’m here to say I stand by your policies,” he told AFP.A series of demonstrations backing immigrants and denouncing racism were planned in the center of Phoenix, a Democratic enclave in a state Trump narrowly won in the election.In front of a church, a small group of “cosplayers” in Wonder Woman, Disney princess and other costumes were due to demonstrate.