Trust must be restored in diesel cars after the emissions cheating scandal

Vastavam web: German Chancellor Angela Merkel said today that trust must be restored in diesel cars after the emissions cheating scandal and spoke out against plans to ban them from some inner cities.She said she was “angered” by German auto giants who in the “dieselgate” scandal either broke the law or used legal loopholes, but also pointed to the at least 800,000 jobs in the crucial industrial sector.Speaking just over a month before September 24 elections, Merkel was asked in an online video interview with top-selling Bild newspaper about motorists’ fears about the falling resale value of their diesel cars.

Merkel said “that will be hard work” and the subject of a “summit” with the municipalities involved which she plans to hold on September 4.The industry’s fall from grace began in 2015 when Volkswagen admitted to installing software in 11 million diesel engines to cheat emissions tests, and suspicions later spread to other manufacturers. The scandal sparked by a US investigation deepened on reports last month that Daimler, BMW, VW and its Audi and Porsche subsidiaries had long colluded on technical specifications including emissions technology.Merkel was dubbed the “car chancellor” in 2013 after she went to bat for the sector and argued against an EU cap on emissions.But her election opponents, the centre-left Social Democratic Party (SPD), also have cosy links to the sector.