Final warning: north korea says ‘climax’ is near and USA

Vastavam web: Dictator of North Korea Kim Jong-un’s who has been threatening USA and its aiding countries again stated that those countries should be prepared to face their attacks. He hit out at South Korea, accusing it of “dancing to the tune of US hysteric moves”, and condemned America. And the propaganda rag’s opinion piece said the end was near after weeks of ever-escalating threats and counter-threats from the erratic leaders of North Korea and America. The piece said it was South Korea and the US, rather thanKim Jong-un’s hermit kingdom, who were pushing for all-out war. It argued North Korea was the only country pushing for piece. The fiery article said: “Misjudgment and ill-advised acts are bound to lead to bitter failure and regret. “The South Korean chief executive (the administration)… talked nonsense, asserting that ‘big challenge at present’ is an ‘issue of the north’s nukes and missile’. “He was so reckless as to talk about ‘international isolation’ and ‘dim future’.” The newspaper, a mouthpiece for Kim, said the situation was accelerating towards all-out war unless Washington and Seoul bowed own to pressure from Pyongyang.