Bihar Government can seek a confidence vote in Assembly under new rule: Speaker

Vastavam web: The Bihar Assembly has formulated a new rule under which the government can seek a confidence vote in the House, Assembly Speaker Vijay Kumar Chaudhary today said.Earlier, a trust motion used to be moved under a procedure suggested by the Speaker using the power under Rule 41 of the Assembly, he told reporters here.”Now a new provision for a confidence vote has been included in Rule 109 after it was approved by the House in the last budget session,” Chaudhary said.

“The new provision was put into practice for the first time when Nitish Kumar sought a confidence vote for JD(U)-BJP coalition government on July 28,” he said.Explaining the procedure, the Speaker said that a confidence motion could be moved under two circumstances.Chaudhary said the new rule for a confidence vote has been framed after discussions with Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan andz parliamentary experts like Subhash C Kashyap and G C Malhotra.He said that Rule 169 relating to introduction of the budget and the subsequent process has been amended.

“Now the duration has been reduced to two from five days for starting a discussion after the introduction of the budget proposals and three days in place of 22 days for a discussion on cut motions,” he said.Chaudhary said that a provision has been incorporated in rules 237, 240 and 241 relating to Public Accounts Committee, Estimates Committee and that on public undertakings for inclusion of members of the Legislative Council in them