Anando Bramha


OVERVIEW: Ramu (Rajeev Kanakala) comes down to Hyderabad from abroad to sell off his parents’ house. His friend tells him that the house is not getting right price as it is possessed.A guy comes forward (Srinivas Reddy) to prove that it doesn’t have any ghosts. If he proves this, he will get good commission, promises Ramu.He brings three other people (Vennela Kishore, Tagubothu Ramesh and Shakalaka Shankar) who are in need of money to stay in the house.Now the battle begins with the guys and the ghosts (Tapsee and gang). What happens next?

 REVIEW: One of the interesting factors of this film is the unique concept of ghosts getting scared of common people. This concept has been nicely interlaced in the script through four different characters which are ably performed by all the leading comedians. Srinivasa Reddy heads the gang and is spot on with his mannerisms and witty dialogues.

The basic story line is very interesting. It’s written well. Director has established the premise of ghosts in first 15 minutes of the film with the help of nice sound design. However he couldn’t sustain the same interest for the rest of first half. There are a few interesting episodes among the four comedians they get acquainted with weaknesses of each other. A story of this type should have been executed more classily and deftly to get the desired output.

Taapsee has a limited role. She doesn’t have much scope to perform but did well within the character’s limitations. Srinivasa Reddy is believable as the average guy in problems. Shakalaka Shankar and Vennela Kishore steal the show with their hilarious acts. Tagubothu Ramesh gets the best scene of the lot and he excelled in his typical style. Rajeev Kanakala is alright. Raghu Karumanchi makes an impact among the ghost characters. Prabhas Srinu’s cameo is good.

Background Score by Krishna Kumar and Cinematography by Aneesh Tarun Kumar creates a new feel altogether. Production Values were appreciable. Good quality output can be seen throughout the movie despite limited budget and very few locations. Director Mahi K Raghav established himself as good story teller with this movie. He choose a novel concept and his narration style is laudable. He extracted the best output from Cast & Crew. On the flip side, He took a lot of inspiration from old movies for many sequences and the tempo keeps fluctuating.

Final Veridict of the film is Anando Brahma will certainly stand out as a speciality with a new storyline. This film’s comedy has grabbed the audience pulse.Outstanding performances by comedians and short run time are huge assets