34 years after the film’s release

Vastavam web:If there is any film overtime disputes postponed for a time, the movie will be released. After two to three years to do so after the release of the film. But three and a half decades after the release of a film in Bollywood is now. Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi as husband and wife for 34 years after the release of the film, starring libas. Chitra writer, director guljarku, the producer of the film unreleased issue between Vikas Mohan. Disliked the film’s end, Vikas Mohan Gulzar asked to change it, he refused. But he is going to release the film in the corner of the film is the lack of padesaruvikas Vikas Mohan, Mohan died in 2016. Mohan and his son took over the implementation of the place of production of the film is scheduled to release the film. The film will also be released soon, said Zee Classic sinimalatopatu libas. Berman ordered this movie Music.