Pakistani man charged for allegedly sexually assaulting mentally ill Indian boy

Vastavam web: A 34-year-old Pakistani man has been charged here for allegedly sexually assaulting an 18-year-old mentally challenged Indian student, according to a media report.The Court of First Instance heard that the accused took advantage of the victim’s condition and lured him for a ride in his car.He picked him up from outside his place and drove to a dark street where he allegedly sexually assaulted him. He has been charged with sexual assault of a male, Khaleej Times reported.”The boy was brought to the police station by his father at around 11:30 PM. They wanted to lodge an assault complaint.

The teenager said that he was walking outside his place when he met the defendant and they exchanged mobile numbers,” a police lieutenant said.

“The accused called him shortly later and then took him inside his car and said he wanted to have sex with him. Even though he rejected his request, the man forced himself on the boy,” he said.”He claimed he met the boy near a grocery in Al Rashidiya and he gave him his number. He said the boy asked for Dirhanm 10, which he did not give to him, and then rode in his car. He claimed the boy started touching him inappropriately which made him sexually assault him,” the lieutenant told the prosecutor