Movie Review: Jaya Janaki Nayaka


REVIEW: Gagan(Sai Srinivas) is a rich kid who leads a happy life with his family. On the other hand, Sweety(Rakul Preet) gets impressed with Gagan’s grounded attitude and falls for him at once. When everything seems to be going fine, she leaves him all of a sudden and goes away with her dad. Why did she ditch him? What are the situations that lead to? and how will Gagan win his love back?. To know answers to these, you have to watch the film on the silver screen.

OVERVIEW: The casting is a huge plus for the movie. Apparently, all the actors have given their best for the film. The protagonist played by Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas is good. The actor improved a lot in terms of dialogue delivery and performance but he should still work on his acting especially during the emotional scenes. Rakul Preet Singh is an amazing performer and she has got an impressive role in the film too. Pragya Jaiswal is also seen playing the secondary lead and both the heroines are at their best with the glamour and performances. There are a bunch of senior actors in the film whose presence added a lot of strength. Sharath Kumar, Jagapathi Babu, Tarun Arora and others are good in their roles.

Boyapati Srinu is a formulaic director and what makes him tick is the strong direction of the predictable formula with a gripping screenplay. All of those ingredients are present in Jaya Janaki Nayaka as well. The movie has a routine story but the director manages to engage with his directorial talents. There is an inherent style embedded in the making which makes action and visuals pleasing to watch on screen.Devi Sri Prasad’s music has lifted the range of this flick. All songs are impressive. Highlight of the music has been the back ground score. Lyrics of Veede Veede song are quite good.

Second half being completely focusing on action scenes, class audience have to bear with patience. B & C centre audience would connect well. Production quality is very rich. Producer’s investment is clearly visible in each and every frame on the screen. Huge casting, huge action scenes and chasing elements have been well stitched together.


One of the major drawbacks of the film is the lack of comedy. Boyapati should have worked on it for a better output. Yesteryear heroine, Vani Viswanath’s role is not up to the mark and not at all helpful to the proceedings.After a superb interval block, the film falls flat and things become tedious for some time. The climax fight looks a bit over the top and the special number which comes in the pre climax was not picturized well. The film has a routine story line and nothing much is there to boast about it.

Songs and Devi Sri Prasad’s Re-recording are good. Picturisation of songs is good. Rishi Punjabi’s camera work is very good. Punch dialogs on womenfolk worked well. Boyapati has shown his USP in action sequences. The story was not strong enough, so the director tried to portray the characters strongly.

Final verdict of this film is Jaya Janaki Nayaka is a typical Boyapati mark action love story which is clearly aimed at the single screens. Jaya Janaki Nayaka will be liked by mass movie goers. Outstanding action episodes, well-choreographed and grandeur in the songs are the highlights.

– – – Panchanjanya