Mystery sea creatures chewed the legs of a boy

Vastavam web: A teenager shocked to see his bleeding legs after taking bath in a sea. He thought that some sea leach might have attacked him but he came to know that some insecticides, creatures are sucking his blood. Sam Kanizay, 16, from Melbourne, Australia, had sore legs after football on Saturday and decided to go for a soak. But when he emerged half an hour later he looked down to find his feet covered in blood. Once he managed to wash the blood off he found numerous tiny “pin type bites” all over his feet. When they wouldn’t stop bleeding his family rushed him into hospital, where he has since been given antibiotics. His family believe microscopic sea lice were eating the flesh on his legs.Sam’s dad Jarrod says he’s found the culprits – and has caught them in disgusting footage. Tiny little bugs are seen swarming around pieces of flesh, climbing over the chunks of meat and appearing to eat them. Jarrod says he caught the creatures at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton where his son got his mysterious injuries. He grabbed a fishing net and slab of fresh meat and managed to capture hundreds of the creatures he believes were responsible.