Moview Review: Jab Harry Met Sejal


OVERVIEW: Story of Jab Harry Met Sejal is not as complex as we have seen in previous films of Imtiaz Ali. “A tour guide who is lost” this is the plot Imtiaz tried to explore and define love in a new way. Harinder Singh Nehra aka Harry (Shah Rukh Khan) is a tour guide in Holland who is looking for something he has lost. The philosophical twist to this is, he doesn’t knows what he has lost. Then enters our breezy, always saying what’s in her heart Sejal Zaveri (Anushka Sharma).She was a part of the group Harry tour guided and misses her flight way back to India to find her lost ring. This is her engagement ring she lost and her fiance is pissed about it. At first it will seem stupid, as who misses their flight to find a ring? But as the story develops you’ll ask yourself?

REVIEW: Shah Rukh Khan plays Harry. He’s a Euro tour guide. The opening montage introduces you to his slick but empty life. He’s a man waiting for something. But he doesn’t know what. Along comes Sejal (Anushka Sharma) with her heavy Gujarati twang and the curious case of her missing engagement ring. She forces Harry to take her back to all the tourist spots they saw in the previous month. A reluctant Harry tries to break free, but he can’t beat the resilience of Sejal. The viewer can’t figure out why Harry is such an aloof person. While you know Sejal is hiding something behind her exuberance. Over their odd ball trip across Europe, Harry and Sejal discover they’re really made for each other.

Going by an Imtiaz Ali design, this story is weak on plot. There is little soul searching even though the film screeches about it. But it’s selling point is the leading man and his chemistry with the lady.It’s hard to replicate the intensity Khan brings to this character, which elevates the mediocre material he is bringing alive on screen. To be frank, it is a little silly to have a girl going around the world to find her engagement ring. But that’s how Ali plotted it to be.

However, you need to watch this for Shah Rukh. The man still knows how to get ladies swooning and there’s no one in this country who can do it as well as him. Over the years, his fans have grown up, the world has changed enough to shake up our faith in love. In such a time, comes an Imtiaz film which gives you the hope that what you are seeking will find a way to you. There’ll be a spirited Sejal telling you sometimes an adventure can unlock a side of you, you never know. This is a different Shah Rukh Khan from the one we’re used to seeing on screen: he has his trademark sense of humor but it’s got a sarcastic edge. He’s as urbane as it gets, and yet you feel at home (at least a Delhiite would) hearing him talk. One could say Shah Rukh Khan is playing to his strengths in the role of Harry.

Anushka Sharma has looked at her beautiful best in this film. No matter what she says, you can’t just get your eyes off her. She has excelled with her Gujarati accent. Still, in the end, I feel her characters was a bit stereotyped, no matter what justification anyone has. You’ll enter the cinema hall with your heart but come out losing it to Harry and Sejal.

Music director, Pritam, is the silent hero of this film. The way songs are binded with the story only tells what this man is able to pull off. Makers have not revealed a lot in the promo, even the entire music album was released yesterday holding some very good songs for your surprise. Penned by Irshad Kamil, the songs are life of this film.

Final Verdict of the film is, Jab Harry Met Sejal is something shouldn’t be missed especially by people who digest romantic dramas well.