Actor Ravi Teja got support from Manchu Lakshmi

Vastavam web: Manchu Lakshmi talked about her life and her friends in a recent interview. She also talked about how close her friendship is with Ravi Teja. The actor found some sort of support in the name of Manchu Lakshmi, now. The actress indirectly complimented his food habits and health consciousness too. Lakshmi said, ” I like Godavari tastes a lot and Ravi Teja is the only friend of mine who has roots from the Godavari districts.”But Ravi Teja is more health conscious than any other person I have known. He doesn’t eat anything unhealthy and maintains a strict diet.
Well, I told him had you been here, you would have given me vegetarian diet rather you mother is making me eat all sorts of different meat.Many items have been sent in a huge carriage and I munched on it. Ravi just ate one or two varieties and went for his shot.