REVIEW: Mahesh(Ashok) is an aspiring film director who always dreams of making a new age love story. Somehow, he gets a chance to direct a film and kick starts its shoot. The actual story begins when he falls for a costume designer called Namratha (Eesha Rebba ). What problems does his love story create to his film? Will he finish the film in time? That forms the rest of the story.

OVERVIEW: Darshakudu’ subject is quite interesting on paper, as it has ample scope to showcase struggles, emotions and some fun. This film needs conviction from its director and faith in his characters. A strong characterization is crucial for this subject, which director of the film ‘Darshakudu ’ totally overlooked. Hero has been showcased as a guy who can be manipulative, who can go to any extent to get a chance as director. Hero has to make a choice between career or love at times. Consistency in his approach would have made this film more honest at least.

This film lacks entertainment despite being a filmy based theme. While in second half towards pre-climax, the drama is a bit engaging momentarily, the climax is again a farce. First half of the film is not interesting either.This genre has a lot of scope for comedy but the director has completely neglected it.  On the whole, even though each half of the story runs only for an hour, it is still boring.

Ashok Bandreddy as Mahesh is just okay. His face do not have any expressions and he do not have a looks of a hero, His only plus is his voice. Eesha Rebba is superb in her role as Namratha. She did a fantastic job as the female lead and made this movie a watchable fare with her expressions and her acting skills. Gemini Suresh is good in his role as co-director Swami. Noel Sean and Pujitha Ponnada are good. Sudharshan Reddy is good and generate few laughs. All other artists did good job as actors in their roles.

Eesha once again chooses a part that offers her scope to emote. She is fine in whatever little she gets. She is reason the movie gets some depth of sorts in emotional scenes. Kedar Shankar is believable in his role as a producer. Sudarshan once again gets meaty role in Sukumar production. Sai Karthik’s music in this film doesn’t have any noteworthy songs to memorize. Darshakudu theme music provides some consolation. Cinematographer Praveen Anumolu succeeded in giving class and mid-range budget look for this low budget film. Director Jakka Hari prasad has delivered a very bland movie. Neither the dialogues nor the screenplay are engaging. He depended on only one single point “a director who takes inspirations from his real-life incidents to incorporate them into his script”.

Final Verdict of the film is “Darshakudu” movie offers nothing to common audience. Poor script, amateurish hero and lack of any entertainment mark this film as a total disappointment. Sukumar’s production values are good but could not prove in the absence of a good direction. Overall Darshakudu remained just as a Amateur Director. Lets hope Hariprasad gets support of some more producers to make him a trained director.