Trump would go two week vacation to his golf club in New Jersey

Vastavam web:  Donald Trump would go on a two- week working vacation to his golf club in New Jersey, his first holiday since he was sworn in as the US President in January. Trump, who used to be critical of his predecessor Barack Obama taking his annual vacations to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard, would be spending his next two weeks at his private golf club in central New Jersey. However, Walters defended Trump’s working vacation and argued that the duration would be used to improve upon the air conditioning and heating system in the West Wing of the White House, whose staff temporarily are relocating to the executive building within its complex.

“The President is going to continue to work. We all need to be relocated out of the West Wing due to these renovations that should have taken place before,” Walters said.Walters said the renovation plans had been approved by the previous administration, following the completion of the phase-1, but were never actually initiated.