Movie Review : Nakshatram


OVERVIEW: Krishna Vamsi who has been out of form from many years has come up with Nakshatram, a film with police backdrop. Notable star cast and Krishna Vamsi’s past record raised hopes on Nakshatram, but it turned out to be a very loud insensible film.

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) hails from a family that has the history of men becoming cops. He also wanted to become a police officer and in the process, he, unfortunately, gets into a trouble by involving in a dispute with Police Commissioner’s son Rahul (Taneesh).Rahul plans a revenge by becoming an obstacle to Rama Rao’s dream of becoming a cop.After realising that he has no choice of becoming a cop, Rama Rao decides to act as a cop and perform his duty with the name Alexander. After a while, the cops begin searching for a criminal Mukhtar and starts finding of Alexander. What happens next and how did all the other actors become a part of Rama Rao life reveals the story of the film.

REVIEW: Krishna Vamsi as a director always tries to get maximum output from actors. He had proved the same in Nakshatram. Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Tanish, Pragna Jaiswal have responded to Vamsi very professionally.Sundeep Kishan is sincere in playing his part. Despite the eccentricity associated with his character, Sundeep comes up with a decent performance altogether. Sai Dharam Tej’s screen presence is good, but his character is poorly written.Regina oozes oomph and Pragya is fine as a badass police woman. Prakash Raj and Shivaji Raja are their usual self. Tanish is adequate as the drug addict.There is nothing much to write home about others including JD Chakravarthy.

Krishna Vamsi’s intentions are good but the execution goes haywire. Everything about the film is over the top and unbearably loud. Even the making style of the film is stuck in nineties. It is pretty evident that Krishna Vamsi is totally out of form.People assumed ‘Nakshatram’ could be a hard-hitting film like ‘Khadgam’ after Krishna Vamsi claimed he is 100 percent satisfied with the final outcome. However, Audience found the Cop Drama outdated, illogical and senseless. Almost all the Actors go overboard while performing and the kind of intensity one expects from KV’s film goes missing. Neither humour nor emotions to which viewers could connect exist in this movie

The director tried to incorporate too many elements like Crime, Love, Patriotism and other things in the story but he failed to manage all of them properly. The characterizations in the story have no proper skeleton and it shows the lack of clarity for the director.Music is unimpressive. The soundtrack lacks appeal and the background score is too loud. Editing is clumsy and cinematography is a disaster. It looks like a low quality product. Production values are very poor.

Final Verict of the film is, The director has put his heart and soul into Nakshatram who tried to bounce back with a bang which can be seen throughout the run-time. But Nakshatram could not bring out that WOW element to the fore.

— Panchajanya