Shah Rukh Khan wants his children to learn about religion on their own

Vastavam web: Shah Rukh Khan believes religion is something personal and wants his children to discover it on their own.”I believe religion is personal You learn and respect each other because you learn about your religion on your own.I hope my children do the same,” said Shah Rukh.”I have been reading Mahabharata for last one and half years because I love the stories in it. I tell those stories to AbRam. Similarly, the stories that I know of Islam, I narrate them to him as well. I hope they learn all the religions on their own and respect it.

The star, who has three kids Aryan, Suhana and AbRam with wife Gauri, says he would cook pasta to celebrate the festival with his children as it is the only dish he knows how to make.Suhana recently made an appearance with Shah Rukh for the launch of a high-end restaurant in Mumbai. Their pictures started trending on social media but Shah Rukh said their public outings is not related to movies.”They are not movie stars. They just happened to be a movie star’s children. And I think they are very respectful and they are very decent. When they come out with me I make sure that they stand and do a picture because I know it’s meant to be important.

SRK had earlier said his daughter wanted to become an actress. However, he maintains that Suhana will get into the profession only after completing her studies.”My children will finish their studies because in my house there is a minimal qualification rule which is graduation. They have to finish their college.The actor said he was an outsider when he came to Mumbai and did not need to come out publicly.