Pune police receive cases against women

Vastavam web: Generally police receive complaints from women that their husbands are neglecting them and enjoying with some other women . But the Pune police have been receiving the abnormal complaints from gents that their wives are ignoring them and having their personal lives.

According to the women’s cell at the Pune police commissionerate, the city has been receiving a steady number of male complainants over the past few months. Of the 837 complaints received by the women’s cell in the last five months, 146 complaints were registered by men.

An organisation called the Men’s Rights Association in Pune claims that a majority (97%) of the criminal cases filed by unscrupulous wives against their husbands are totally false. The various biased laws are used as a tool by these women to torture their husbands. Acting on the complaint of such women, police arrest the husband and humiliate, and torture him. Such incidents cause depression among men, leading to a high suicide rate, the organization said in a statement. There website also has various articles talking about the various scams used by these women.