Movie Review: DJ –Duvvada Jagannadham


OVERVIEW: Dhuvvada Jaganadham(Allu Arjun) is a small time brahmin boy who goes against all odds and helps others. Seeing this quality of his, a high-profile cop(Murali Sharma) asks him to become DJ, a man who fights crime in disguise.Royyala Naidu (Rao Ramesh) is a real estate tycoon and he scams middle class people for 9000 crores using a benami company. How did DJ take revenge on Royyala Naidu? Why has Sastri changed to DJ? How does Pooja gets to know about all this? What is the motive behind it ? Is the rest of the story.

REVIEW: One of the biggest assets of this film is undoubtedly Allu Arjun and his performance. Bunny is top notch in both his characters as Duvvada and Dj. But he is the best when he becomes Duvvada as his diction, comedy touch and mannerisms are hilarious. The star hero carries the entire film on his shoulders and makes the film watchable which has an otherwise routine storyline.

Allu Arjun must be appreciated for taking up a different role once. The difference here is characterization rather than doing something out of the box. It’s the same action hero role but with a slight twist. The problem, however, is Allu Arjun tries very hard to be a character and at the same time make it a one man show. The director also puts him under the spotlight understanding Bunny’s vision, what we get in the end is Allu Arjun trying hard to do a “star” act with a different character and thereby exposing his hard work.

Story of the film appears thin and lacks proper foundation. A hero becoming killer at a tender age for the sake of society doesn’t look convincing. Since the narration is linear, you don’t find screenplay engaging enough till halfway point in second half. With a twist in second half, the screenplay becomes engaging and it becomes an emotionally charged film till pre-climax.The director changes gears and takes the film into entertainment mode in climax by using the delusions of Subbaraju character.

Pooja Hegde is yet another star attraction for the film. She looks drop dead gorgeous and will be an eye candy for the youth and masses alike. She matches equal steps with Bunny and her chemistry with the star hero is just awesome. The first forty minutes of the film has very good entertainment with good doses of comedy.

Music and background score by Devi Sri Prasad feels recycled and lack any freshness. The cinematography is good. Editing is alright. The choreography is songs are colorful and trendy. Action scenes are routine and overdone.

By now it is clear that in the mass format Harish Shankar is trying to be like a modern version of EVV Satyanarayana. The making style and character designs make it visible. But the problem is despite the best writing efforts from Harish Shankar he lacks the punch of the late director.

Finally DJ is an out and out Allu Arjun film to the core. The star hero is a major attraction and carries the film with his energetic performance.The length of the film is also a bit high and has a lag in many areas and gets predictable and routine most of the time.Pooja Hegde’s glamor, good comedy, and some mass elements will go supremely well with the masses. Collections wise, this film will do quite well as there is no big film coming up in the near future.