Need leave from work to eat chicken’: Railway employee wrote letter

Vastavam web: A letter written by railway employee goes viral on social media networks as he appealed his higher officials to grant leave to eat chicken for one week. When do you apply for leave? Usually if you are not feeling well or plan to go on a vacation. But a railway employee posted in Deepka area in Chattisgarh’s Bilaspur district has applied for a week’s leave, so that he can eat enough chicken and buid a reserve of energy to last a month. The application, that has the official stamp of the station master of Deepka has gone viral on social media.  “As in Shravan (a Hindu festival that falls in monsoon every year) – which will start soon, we never touch non-vegetarian food during the whole month. As such, kindly grant me one week’s leave from June 20 to June 27 so that I could eat chicken and regain energy to work,” Pankaj Raj who is working as TA-2 has wrote in his leave application.