Miscreant kisses woman waiting for cab

Vastavam web:A woman waiting for a cab in Bengaluru shocked when a miscreant allegedly kissed her and fled away from there. a 24-year- old private company employee when she was waiting for a cab at a bus stop. The woman's boyfriend filed a complaint with police on Monday.

The incident occurred around 2.45am when they were waiting for a cab at JB Nagar bus stop. "We attended alate night party hosted by a friend. We had consumed alcohol and decided not to ride bike. So we booked a cab and directed the driver to pick us from JB Nagar bus stop, which is a stone's throw away from the friend's place.

A man, wearing a black T-shirt, suddenly came near her, kissed and ran away. I was looking at my mobile phone when the incident happened and the miscreant vanished in the darkness," said the complainant.