Movie Review: Marakathamani

Rating: 2.5/5

OVERVIEW: The story of the film is about an ancient gem called Marakathamani- touted as the lucky charm of King Vikramaditya which is buried with him.In 1990, an archaeologist retrieves the gem belonging to 19th century and keeps it to himself only to be hit by an unidentified vehicle. Later it was revealed that 132 people who had possession of the gem were hit by the same vehicle.On the other side, a small time smuggler Raghunandan (Aadhi) comes forward to rob Marakathamani. How and what happens when Raghunandan aka Raghu and his friend meet a Swamiji ( Kota Srinivas Rao) who suggests them to take the help of some evil spirits and complete the task forms the rest of the story.

REVIEW: Raghu Nandan (Aadi Pinisetti) is indebted. He is looking for something big. He wants to steal something big and make his life. He joins a smuggling gang called ”Ramdas” and his job is to steal stuff. He falls in love with Alekhya (Nikki Galrani) . However, she ends up marrying someone else. He wants to steal something big and he gets to know about a gemstone called “Marakatamani”. He goes to a ‘swami’ and gets to know about the gemstone and the history behind it.The swami tells him that over 132 people have died searching for that gem and their souls are still lost around a haunted palace. Raghu starts his journey to find the gem along with his friend, Bujji Babu.Their journey begins with interacting dead souls to find the path towards the gem.

The major plus point in the movie is the comedy track. The evil spirits comedy in the second half is the major plus and it will hold the movie until the end. Also, the comedy in first half worked well and will keep the audience engaged with the movie.Though the movie has some good comedy parts, it lacks the suspense and thrill it should have been in a fictional thriller. The movie in the first half moves at a very slow pace and will bore the audience the most.Brahmanandam’s character was totally unnecessary.Also, the villain part is very weak and looks silly at the end. Overall, the movie is a hysterical adventure.

The background score of the film is very impressive and elevates the film nicely. Dubbing done is just about okay and so were the production values. The cinematography is also good in some parts. Comedy dialogs were written well.Coming to the director Saravanan, he has done a decent job with the film. His story looks over the top but he adds some clean and good humor at regular intervals and makes this film quite interesting during the second half.

Finally Marakatamani is a comedic adventure. A movie worth watching and you come out of the theatre with a smile on your face.The flick doenst have any edge of the seat moments and this is the minus point to be noted. However a onetime watchable movie.