I visualize difficult situations and formulate strategies: Kohli

Vastavam web: “Cometh the Hour Cometh the Man” is an old adage which fits in perfectly with Indian captain Virat Kohli’s cricketing philosophy as he reveals how he visualises difficult situations and formulate strategies.No wonder, some of Kohli’s innings across formats have been absolute masterclasses.”If you are thinking we are three down but I am going to counterattack and get the team back on track, it ends up happening because you are convinced about it,” Kohli said when asked about how he prepares for big games.”I visualize a lot, and I see myself in difficult situations and actually convince myself that I can pull the team out in those situations. It won’t happen every time, but 8 out of 10 times, it will end up happening because you are so convinced about it,” Kohli explained.
While that is one aspect of his batting, the Indian captain is not a firm believer of doing too much of homework which can make someone a bit less flexible.”I don’t take extra pressure thinking he is bowling from here, what if he doesn’t do that in the game? So I think of those things. I like to go by what I see coming out of the hand. I mean, whether you have played people before or you haven’t, this game, as I said, you cannot guarantee a performance.
“Even the bowlers that you play regularly, on a tour or throughout a series, two matches you’ll be on top of them, third match they can nick you off. It’s basically how you react to every ball that’s bowled to you regardless of whether you’ve played against the guy or you haven’t.”Not looking to change too many things, because I have said this before, I would back a guy like Hardik, who provides you so much balance in conditions that he can be effective as a bowler, and his batting is priceless.”If you are chasing a total and you need eight an over and you have lost wickets, he is the guy who can still win you the game. That’s the kind of belief he has in his ability and we have that belief in him,” Kohli said.