Ashwni Dhir re-team with actor Ajay Devgn for the sequel of Son of Sardaar

Vastavam web: Filmmaker Ashwni Dhir says if things fall in place, he might soon re-team with actor Ajay Devgn for the sequel of their hit film “Son of Sardaar”.The 2012 film starred Devgn and Sonskshi Sinha and was a remake of Telugu film “Maryada Ramanna”, directed by S S Rajamouli.Devgn has already announced a film titled “Sons of Sardaar”, which will be about the Battle of Sargarhi of 1879, fought between soldiers of the British Indian Army and 10,000 Afghan tribesmen.We are planning on doing ‘Son of Sardaar 2’. It has nothing to do with that project (‘Sons of Sardaar’). Ours is a different film, it will be a comedy. I had a meeting with Ajay regarding the comedy film, who also has a cameo in my upcoming release ‘Guest iin London.’ Something will happen,” Dhir said.

The director says he will be able to comment with clarity on the status of the project once his latest, “Guest iin London” releases.While Dhir has mostly directed comedy films like “Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge” and “One Two Three”, he says it is sad that people don’t take the genre that seriously.”We don’t take comedy as a genre seriously because we always believe the person who is serious, is much better with his words and emotions. There is a perception that a person who is funny is not serious.