Andy Murray support for changes designed to speed up tennis in ATP Finals

Britain Tennis - Andy Murray attends a promotional launch for Jaguar in London - Brick Lane Yard, London - June 14, 2017 Great Britain's Andy Murray during an exhibition match at the launch Reuters / Matthew Childs Livepic
Vastavam web: Andy Murray has voiced his support for changes designed to speed up tennis being tested at the inaugural Next Generation ATP Finals.The tournament for the leading tour players aged 21 and under will feature a new scoring system.The scoring system is the most radical change to the traditional format, with five-set matches decided through first-to-four-game sets, instead of the usual six, with tiebreaks played at 3-3.”It is good to try new things… at least it’s trying something different. You have to give credit for doing that, because tennis has often been accused of being too traditional, not wanting to try new things.” said by murray.