World Bank approved $500 million for Afghanistan to support projects

Vastavam web: To support and boost the economy in Afghanistan World Bank on Tuesday approved financing worth more than $500 millions to improve service delivery in five cities and support Afghan refugees sent back from Pakistan.The bank said the six grants, including donor money, worth some $520 million would help the Afghan government “at a time of uncertainty when risks to the economy are significant.””The package will help Afghanistan with refugees, expand private-sector opportunities for the poor, boost the development of five cities, expand electrification, improve food security and build rural roads,” the World Bank said in a statement.
The largest chunk of the package, some $205.4 million, will go towards supporting communities affected by refugees returning from Pakistan, the World Bank said. Some 800,000 Afghans have been sent back from Pakistan and Iran, many of them left to rely on subsistence income in rural areas or low-paid work in towns.