Erdogan strongly criticized the decision of authorities in Iraq’s Kurdistan

Vastavam web: Today Turkey president strongly criticized the decision of  Iraq’s Kurdistan region to hold a referendum on independence to country’s territorial integrity.Turkey has prided itself on its good ties with the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in Iraq’s north. Ankara is still battling a more than three-decade insurgency by the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for autonomy in southeast Turkey that has claimed tens of thousands of lives.”Making a step towards independence in the north of Iraq is an error and a threat for the territorial integrity of Iraq,” Erdogan said in a speech to his party in Ankara.
“We have always defended the territorial integrity of Iraq and we will continue to do so,” said Erdogan, adding that such a referendum “was in the interest of no one”.Widely seen as the world’s largest stateless people, most Kurds are spread between Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey. But it is only in Iraq where they have achieved a recognized autonomy.Iraqi Kurdish oil is exported through Turkey, a key economic lifeline for the region.