Pakistan decided to tighten visa policy to increase the security of foreigners

Vastavam web: Pakistan decided to tighten its visa policy and increase the security of foreigners after two Chinese nationals were abducted last month.Several Chinese nationals have been visiting Pakistan, mainly as workers to participate in massive infrastructure projects connected to the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) – being built by Chinese firms and Chinese assistance.But it has now emerged that the two Chinese nationals – Lee Zing Yang, 24 and Meng Li Si, 26 – abducted from Quetta last month at gun point and killed by Islamic State militants were involved in “preaching” instead of business activities, for which they were issued visas.
Minister Khan said it was unfortunate that a “misuse of the terms of business visa” led to their death. He ordered the secretary, interior ministry, to investigate the matter.The minister said ensuring security of foreign nationals in Pakistan was a “shared responsibility”.