Shanghai residents came out on streets to protest against housing regulations

Vastavam web: Hundreds of of people in china came out on Shanghai streets to protest against recent changes in housing regulations by government.Up to 300 demonstrators marched through Shaghai’s busiest shopping street. It was not clear if any of the marchers were detained by the police during the protest that lasted for nearly an hour.One protester, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the newspaper that the demonstrators were people living in commercial properties converted to residential apartments.
The anonymous protester said people who have been living in commercial premises converted to residential use were forced to do so either because of the sky-high residential property prices, or they were unable to buy as they do not have a hukou (a household registration record required by law in China.Converting commercial buildings for residential use can be costly and dangerous as they have different construction standards, urban development expert Niu Fengrui of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences told the daily.