Jagan Kumar and Rajiv Sethu won 1st round of National Motorcycle Racing Championship

Vastavam web: TVS Racing champion Jagan Kumar and Honda Ten10 Racing champion Rajiv Sethu won a race in  premier Super Sport 165cc class at Kari Motor Speedway.Mithun Kumar of Honda Ten10 Racing registered a double in the Pro-Stock (up to 165cc) class that was run concurrently with the Super Sport Indian (165cc) races.After finishing eighth in the first race owing to an electrical glitch, Jagan Kumar showcased his skills to win the second race.
“I had electrical issues with my bike in the first race as the engine kept switching off and on. After the race, we fixed the problem in time for the second race. I didn t want to take chances when I went out again, but after a few laps, I picked up pace and won,” said Jagan.Sethu, winner of the first race,however,had a nightmarish time in the second. Following an engine failure prior to the start, he was forced to start from the pit lane.