US investigators seek James Comey memos of his conversations with Trump

Vastavam web: The US’ House of Representatives and Senate investigators have sought from James Comey memos of his conversations with President Donald Trump and any records, including audio tapes, the White House may have of their discussions, amid a raging row over the FBI chief’s firing.The leaders of the House Russia investigation, Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican, and Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, sent a request directly to Comey for copies of his memos, CNN reported.They sent a separate request to Trump’s White House counsel, Don McGahn, for any record the White House had of their meetings.Richman confirmed Thursday that he was the friend Comey testified who had discussed the memos with the press.
Richman has been in touch with Senate judiciary through special counsel Bob Mueller’s office, and that there will be movement after the weekend, a source was quoted as saying.Four members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, including Chairman Chuck Grassley and ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein, had set a Friday deadline for Richman to respond after Comey testified that he gave the memo to him and asked him to anonymously disclose it to the media in an attempt to prompt the naming of a special counsel.The Senate committee sent a request for Comey’s memos from the FBI on and a separate request to the White House for any records kept by Trump, on May 17.
Comey testified Thursday that Trump asked him to drop an investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn and implied Trump may have become the subject of investigation himself for interfering in the FBI’s work.”One hundred per cent. I would be glad to tell him (special counsel Robert Mueller) exactly what I told you,” Trump said at a joint news press conference in the Rose Garden of the White House with the visiting Romanian President.Comey repeatedly called Trump a liar Trump responded Friday by saying the sacked FBI director was himself a liar.Asked if he had taped their conversations, Trump said he would reveal that answer soon.