Gulf countries have assured support for welfare of india of amid Qatar crisis


Vastavam web: India is monioring Gulf where several countries led by Saudi Arabia have cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar.India also said that the countries should resolve their differences through dialogue. We are closely following the emerging situation in the Gulf region in the wake of the recent decision by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some other countries to break diplomatic relations with the State of Qatar.Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar on allegations of supporting terrorism, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Yemen, Libya, the Maldives and Jordan also took similar steps. “Their authorities have assured us continued support for welfare and well-being of the resident Indian communities,” it stated. “Indian expatriates in the region are advised to contact the Indian embassy or consulate concerned should they require assistance or advise consequent to the developing situation,” it added.
With India having strategic energy interests in the region, Prime Minister Narendra Modi made important bilateral visits over the last three years to Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran. The ministry statement said India believes that peace and security in the Gulf are of paramount importance for the continued progress and prosperity of the countries in the region.