Movie Review: The Mummy


OVERVIEW: Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) is a soldier by profession but a thief by virtue. He and his colleague, Chris (Jake Johnson) steal antiquities during their mission and make money from the black market.This time, in the middle eastern war zone, Nick along with Chris, accidentally unearths the tomb of evil Egyptian sorceress Ahmanet (Sofia Boutella). In this discovery, he is also accompanied by Jenny Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) who is an archaeological expert.

Interestingly, Ahmanet is a forgotten Egyptian queen who was mummified alive and is now set to return through her chosen one, who is Nick. His strange connection to her pulls him towards her.

REVIEW: Traditionally, The Mummy is a scary movie (though unserious) about taboo and transgression, based on the made-up pop myth about the mummy’s “curse” – which has no basis in the history of ancient Egypt, but is a cheeky colonialist invention, which recasts local objection to our tomb-looting as something supernatural, malign and irrational.Yet that is not what this Mummy is about. It brings in the usual element of sub-Spielberg gung-ho capers, but essentially sees The Mummy as a superhero origin movie; or possibly supervillain; or Batmanishly both.This has some nice moments but is basically a mess, with various borrowings, including some mummified bits from An American Werewolf in London. The plot sags like an aeon-old decaying limb: a jumble of ideas and scenes from what look like different screenplay drafts.

Cruise’s character, on the other hand, seems like it’s just out of the Mission Impossible films where he moves from one action bit to another. Of course, not a slight panic in his eyes.The film establishes its back story in a jiffy at the start and I hate to admit it but the ancient Egyptian folklore looks much more interesting than Cruise and his half-girlfriend running around the streets of England.Considering they are building a franchise, there is more effort directed towards leaving things unexplained for the next part than actually making this story engaging.

Sofia Boutella, on the other hand, is a deliciously gorgeous villain. She looks sultry in the scary way.Rusell Crowe is wasted in this film. The actor deserves so much better.Annabelle Wallis does an average job as Halsey.There is something about this film that looks so much borrowed. The action sequences are not crafted upto the mark and the plane sequence with Cruise is just a poor reminder of MI stunts.The background score too doesn’t help much. In fact, in most cases it drives you crazy because the music is much more impactful than what you see.Visual effects are average, in major cases borrowed from other films and hence the lack of novelty kills your attention. Although, given that Alex Kurtzman has this film as his first directorial with VFX needs, he certainly has a vision.

Finally the verdict is no surprise with Hollywood’s leading action man Cruise in the film.