Kerala MLAs have beef for special session on cattle ban

Vastavam web: When the public, various social service organizations, political parties are expressing their opinion on cattle ban in India imposed by NDA government, the Kerala assembly has special session to discuss the same issue in different manner. All the MLAs had beef fry just before attending the session and attracted the media and the attention of nation.

‘Beef fry’ was in demand at the Kerala assembly canteen with many MLAs having a power breakfast comprising the delicacy during the special session to discuss the central ban on the sale of cattle for slaughter. The House on Thursday met to discuss the Center’s notification to ban the trade of cattle for slaughter where the ruling Left Democratic Front (LDF) and the opposition, United Democratic Front (UDF) resisted the ban.

Beef fry, which is a famous delicacy in Kerala, was served at the two units of the Indian Coffee House eatery on the premises of the Assembly, sources said. “Beef was served in the canteen. It is a regular item on the menu and there was no unusual increase in volume either,” they said.