Election results leave UK government in a minority on eve of Brexit talks

Vastavam web: The dreams of Theresa May, prime minister of UK become up side down as  the public did not accept her decision to face the early elections. Theresa May wanted to get full majority in elections to get good support on the discussion on ‘Brexit’ and preferred to go for early polls, actually she has three more years time to go for elections but she planned to acquire strength in this elections but the results pushed her into dilemma.

Now Theresa May said she would lead a minority government backed by a small Northern Irish party after she lost an election gamble days before the start of talks on Britain’s departure from the European Union.

May called the snap election confident her Conservative Party would increase its majority and strengthen her hand in the Brexit talks. Instead, Thursday’s vote damaged her authority and made her negotiating position more vulnerable to criticism. “I’m sorry for all those candidates and hard working party workers who weren’t successful,” May said on Friday after a surprise resurgence by the main opposition Labor Party under its leftwing leader Jeremy Corbyn.

“As I reflect on the results I will reflect on what we need to do in the future to take the party forward.” With all 650 seats declared, the Conservatives had won 318 seats, the Labour Party had 262 seats, followed by the pro-independence Scottish National Party on 34. May now risks more opposition to her Brexit plans from inside and outside her party, though a party source said leading the Conservatives was seen as too much of a poisoned chalice for her to face an immediate challenge.