Sikh children’s group denied entry in UK theme park

Vastavam web: A Sikh children’s group was denied entry into a UK theme park after an elder accompanying them refused to remove the kirpan, an article of faith for the Sikhs, prompting accusations of religious discrimination. Staffordshire-based Drayton Manor Theme Park, popular with Coventry and Warwickshire families, denied entry to the children’s birthday party after the adult refused to remove the small Sikh ceremonial dagger.A friend of the man described herself as “disgusted” and “saddened” at the reaction of staff and accused the Staffordshire attraction of religious discrimination.The families’ case has been picked up by the Sikh Press Association, which is seeking discussions with Drayton Manor to resolve the issue.
“In this day and age where the kirpan can be taken into Parliament, it is disappointing to see an amusement park ban this article of faith from their grounds,” the association’s spokesman said.”After recent events which have made public news, people across the UK have seen what the Sikh community stands for. We were shocked to be treated in the way we were by Drayton Manor and it is something the Sikh community as a whole was surprised at,” he said.”To this end, Drayton Manor Park offers an alternative to the Sikh Community which has been acceptable — a necklace worn next to their skin in exchange for the kirpan, which is handed over for safe keeping for the duration of their visit,” she said.