Party couple getting married

Vastavam web: Kirik Party is one Kannada film made stars out of hero Rakshit Shetty and heroine Rashmika Mandanna. After Happy Days in Telugu, if there’s a South Indian film succeeded to connect so well with youth, college going audience, then it is Kirik Party.

Extending the on screen chemistry by one step further, Rashmika and Rakshit have announced their marriage news officially as their impending engagement is on July 3. Though both of them earlier denied on this talk, the beautiful couple confirmed the wedding news after securing full support and blessings from respective families.

‘We began as good friends. Somewhere down the way, media began to spread lot of speculations. Gradually, our families started feeling the pressure. My father spoke to Rakshit on what is really happening and Rakshit explained the situation. Then my parents felt Rakshit could be the perfect guy and they are happy to give my hand to him,’ Rashmika says.