ISIS claims responsibility for London terror attack

Vastavam web: Terror group ISIS has claimed responsibility for the mass killing more than 24 hours after the atrocity through their affiliated news agency Amaq. Despite the warped death cult’s claims, Amaq recently claimed that an arson assault on a casino in Manila was ISIS-related. But CCTV footage released shortly after suggested the incident was a botched robbery and not terror related. On Saturday on London Bridge, a three-strong terrorist gang wearing fake suicide vests were shot dead by armed police after inflicting eight minutes of terror on those enjoying the summer’s evening in the  capital, killing seven and injuring 48 – with 21 still critical.

ISIS affiliated news agency Amaq tweeted out this statement in Arabic claiming the terror group was responsible for the attack  The PM delivered a firm warning to those who harbour extremists in what looked like a turning point in terror policy today after the latest terror attack struck in the heart of London.