Congress is shocking TDP on huge level

Vastavam web: People of AP, who exhibited immense hatred on the Congress party prior to general elections 2014, have developed some soft corner on the party now. TDP based yellow media then succeeded in projecting Congress was the only culprit in dividing the state and all other parties remained patits. This resulted in utter failure of the party in the elections and the party appeared to have lost its grounds in the state.

Unfortunately, TDP turned no more different in administration. People were shocked to witness how TDP is breaking election promises and encouraging caste based politics. Vijayawada, Amaravati and surroundings have been emerged as the centers of caste based politics. No loans were waived to farmers and no jobs were offered to a family each which earlier were incorporated in election manifesto. Above all, TDP merely ignored the demand of special status to AP. They lost ‘Telugu Athmagouravam’ and is craving to continue its bond with the BJP.