Anushka takes over Sruthi hassan

Vastavam web: Anushka and Shruti Hasan are the only two open options before South Indian film makers when one has to try a script in socio fantasy or historical genres. While Anushka continues to grab the opportunities with both hands delivering milestone flicks like Arundhathi, Rudhramadevi, Baahubali 1 and Baahubali 2, here is Shruti Hasan showing her incompetence and clearly lost the battle to Sweety.

Yes, we are here by reported from few Chennai sources that Shruti Hasan gave up the offer of Sanghamitra in Sundar C direction involved with 350+ Crores budget just because she felt the preparatory training part so hectic and not her cup of tea. Horse riding, sword fighting and expertise in martial arts are mandatory skills for Shruti to get into the skin of Sanghamitra.

As days progressed with this rigorous and physically pummeling pedagogic teaching part, Shruti understood a bit late that doing glamorous roles with simple songs running around the hero is easier than believing in grand and time taking projects like Sanghamitra. All is well. Shruti informed the producers directly on her helplessness and gave a middle drop.