30 Minutes shopping free at Lulu Mall at Abu Dhabi

Vastavam web: Unlike the other shopping centers, malls the LULU mall at Abu Dhabai has announced innovative offer to their customers on the eve of Ramadan. It announced the customers can take anything from their mall with in 30 minutes. It means it announced 30 minutes free shopping to the public. They need not pay the bill. A shopping mall said to be one of the largest retail chain stores in the Middle East Lulu Hypermarket has offered for free all items on sale for 30 minutes in Saudi Arabia. It is unclear when the video surfaced on social media but it is said to be sadaqah – a concept of voluntary giving in Islam by the shop owners to mark the beginning of Ramadan.Large number of men have taken electronics like mobiles, telivisions, cameras and the women have grabbed the dresses, apparels.