Akkineni fans serious on Samantha

Vastavam web: This is all about Samantha’s tweets and consequences had she faced in social media we are talking about. The other day, Samantha gave darshan to twitteratis in revealing outfits. Of course, fans had no regrets treating it as trendy. However, very recently, Samantha posted bikini outfits pics along with some accessories. This irked Akkineni fans, who,  in fact, are eagerly waiting to see Samantha as ‘Akkineni Kodalu’. “Don’t insult your fans Sam. We need only ur cuteness not like this shame. Others claimed that she was spoiling the name of the Akkineni family,” one of the followers tweeted. ” Generations will learn from you,” another follower tweeted. However, Samantha reacted furiously. “Generations will learn what exactly. That you will be judged not by character but by what you wear. Shame on you and your shallow thinking.” Having posted so, Sam deleted his account as well as the bikini pic posted by her.