Ayyappa swamy timing is not correct

Vastavam web: Devotional sentiments in a film always work with Telugu audience. In fact, success rate for these films is a bit better than rest. This made an amateur bunch of artists and technicians to use Lord Ayyappa Swamy’s Maala Deeksha as central story element for one of the yesterday released and less noticed flick Neeli Malai.

Made on a meager budget and abysmal technicalities, Neeli Malai though happened to be a catchy title, hero Anand Krishna and heroine Vrushali never appeared enchanting because a powerfully divine Lord Ayyappa factor hasn’t glued well into a commercial mould.

Despite the movie did not get any attention to grab in this week’s new releases, some of the inner film circles commented Neeli Malai makers on wrong release timing and strategy. Has the film made its way into theaters during Sankranti times when many people intend to take Ayyappa Swamy Deeksha, patronage could have been far better.