Mystery caller offers Rs 50 crore to man for killing PM Modi

Vastavam web: Terrorist groups which are being operated from  Pakistan have been targeting Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India and so far they sent many mails, audio tapes threatening him. But now one of the persons had directly called a man in Madhyapradesh and asked him to help them to kill Modi and take Rs.50 crores.

Madhya Pradesh police registered a case against unknown people on Saturday after a youth in Satna district received a call from a man who allegedly offered him Rs 50 crore to join them in killing Prime Minister Narendra Modi at a rally. The caller claimed he was from Pakistan and used the number +79651219.

According to Satna police, the caller told Kushal Soni that he would be offered Rs 50 crore if he joined them to kill Modi during a rally in Mumbai. He said they had selected two people and needed a third person. They also offered him as much money as he wanted for the job. Though initially Soni didn’t take the call seriously, given the sensitivity of the matter, he later complained to the local police in Satna who forwarded the matter to the crime branch.